BBC | Dubious Lobbying Insiders Unveiled: Committees Caught in Spying and Blind Signing Fiasco

In the hallowed halls of legislative decision-making, where the echoes of democracy are meant to resound, a different kind of drama has unfolded. Recent revelations have shed light on a clandestine world where different committees vie for influence through dubious means, turning the corridors of power into a stage for espionage and blind signing escapades.

Reports indicate that certain committees have been caught attempting to spy on their counterparts. From covert surveillance to surreptitious information gathering, it seems no tactic is too outlandish in the quest for an upper hand.

Adding to the intrigue are the tales of blind signing amendments, where delegates, perhaps overwhelmed by the sheer volume of paperwork, have taken to signing without so much as a glance at the contents. The phrase “Do you want to sign mine as well?” has become a ubiquitous punchline, signaling the absurdity of the situation. To admit, one has to say that there were many amendments circulating. The presidency counted around 90 amendments which they all read through.

However, the comedy of errors takes a darker turn with attempts at corruption, as some committees stoop to morally questionable tactics in their pursuit of influence. Shockingly, there have been reports of attempts to entice the press into signing off on dubious amendments, betraying the trust that should underpin the democratic process.

Amidst this chaos, certain committees have managed to maintain a semblance of trustworthiness. The FEMM committee stands out as a beacon of reliability, along with the committees AFET and INTA/AFET.

The press has its eyes and ears everywhere. Report to us if you hear about any strange events. For now, we hope you all enjoy the General Assembly and you take away valuable experiences.


Author: Hannah Link

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