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During our session in Tallinn, we were given the chance to attend an interesting masterclass regarding Personal Branding and Social Media, a cornerstone of today’s successful people.

The Masterclass was divided in three sections, each presented by a different speaker, all renowned in their field. The first speaker, Ann Hiiemaa, indulged in the topic of building personal branding from zero. This expert shared valuable personal experience, as well as technical knowledge in terms of setting the right profile. This speaker focused on explaining how to begin, defining the goal, locating the target audience, overcoming barriers and gaining the most benefits from implementation of a powerful personal brand.

The second part of the Masterclass was titled “Political Branding on Social Media” and was delivered by Laura Kurs. This expert gave insightful ideas about the utility of political branding and the connection with social media, shedding light into what this field refers to and highlighting the necessity of political correctness and ethical concerns, such as avoiding propaganda, misleading and manipulation.

Laura Kurs during the “Political Branding on Social Media” masterclass


The third speaker, Lislotte Minejev, provided a motivating presentation about the ways to use social media to a person’s advantage. Useful tips were offered regarding major issues, such as finding one’s goal, strengths and difficulties, determination of the reasons why one wants to use social media, definition of quality, quantity and frequency of each post, enhancement of one’s confidence and optimization of one’s profile. As eloquently said by the expert: “Content of a post may be the king, but engagement to the procedure is everything”.

After attending the masterclass, a short interview with Lislotte Minejev was conducted. 


There are some people who would like to be involved with social media but they are afraid, they may have already started, however failed multiple times, or they may haven’t started at all. What would you suggest?

I had that same thing going on a few months ago, I had no idea what was going on, why wasn’t I growing, where was I going on. A lot of cases where you have to just go back to the basics, go to square number one, think why are you on social media, what are you doing and who you are talking to, going back to the basics thinking who you are supposed to be, why you are there, what is your goal? Basically, like I said, taking everything down, going back to the basics and thinking why and find if you are scared to do that then there are so many ways you can communicate it on social media, you don’t have to turn your face. If you like taking pictures, but you don’t like showing your face, you can just take other people, nature, videos, where you don’t show your face, show someone else, or be the one who is behind the camera, guiding someone else or you can write. There are so many ways, so finding your confidence, I guess find the way you feel most confident in communicating the thing you want to talk about.


What would you advise doing for the people who want to follow such a career in general?

Be really really curious, go where your career is that pleases you, follow that, because that’s usually the one that you are most interested in, where your passion is and you want to learn about a lot, (maybe I am not the right one to say, but I am going to say I,  don’t listen to anyone else, don’t listen to people whose lives you don’t want to live, don’t listen to those people and listen to your gut. Trust yourself the most, because you know the most where you want to be, what you want to do.

Lislotte Minejev during the masterclass 



Author: Ariadni Georgakopoulou

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