BBC | Find out which President/VP you have most in common with!

What are your interests in your free time?

  1. learning languages, going out with friends
  2. running, reading, poetry
  3. running, reading, volunteering
  4. politics, listening to music, traveling
  5. track & field, listening to music, reading
  6. debating, yapping, gym (to gossip)
  7. tennis, reading, brunch

What is your hair colour?

  1. black
  2. blonde, but naturally brunette
  3. brown
  4. dark blonde
  5. brown 
  6. wanna be ginger (actually brown)
  7. dark blonde

What is your eye colour?

  1. hazel brown
  2. blue
  3. light brown
  4. green-brown
  5. green
  6. green
  7. green

How would you describe yourself?

  1. sociable, funny
  2. empathetic, control freak, punctilious
  3. analytical, creative
  4. organized, direct, reliable, sometimes impatient
  5. adventurous, balanced, crazy (in a good way)
  6. PM of yap, occasionally funny, organizing 
  7. extroverted, spontaneous, direct, maybe at times overbearing (trying to control it)

How many MEPs have you participated in?

  1.  six
  2. seven
  3. four
  4. eighteen
  5. five
  6. five
  7. six

Now that you have finished the quiz, you can tell which president of iMEP Tallinn suits you best. Let us know who you might share interests with!


Emma Kruusmäe: Your answers were mainly B, then President Emma is pleased to meet you.


Kennet Puiestee: Congrats, it seems like President Kennet and you have the same interests with answer E.


Lotte Tõnupärt: President Lotte is looking forward to meeting you. Your answers were mostly F.


Spyridon Tsoumanis: Congratulations! You match most with the answers A of Vice President Spyridon.


Vaios Dionysopoulos: Answer C is your most picked answer? VP Vaios is most likely your favourite president.


Tom Faßhauer: You have a lot in common with VP Tom! Your answers were often based on D. Do not hesitate and speak to him!


Leonidas Soininen: It looks like your answers G mostly match those of VP Leonidas. He would love to meet you.


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